Experience Authentic Bulgarian Lukanka Panagyurska Salami!

A delicious, authentic Bulgarian salami perfect for any occasion.

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August 28, 2022
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Experience the authentic taste of Bulgarian Lukanka Panagyurska Salami. This traditional dry-cured sausage is made with pork, beef, and spices. It is perfect for appetizers, main dishes, or as a snack.

Panagyurska lukanka is a traditional Bulgarian sausage that has been popular in the country for centuries. It is said to have originated in the town of Panagyurishte, located in central Bulgaria and has grown over time to become one of the staple dishes. The sausage is made with a mixture of pork, beef, cumin, salt and pepper which gives it an intense flavor. The ingredients are then blended together and stuffed into a casing before being smoked or boiled.

Experience the unique and flavorful taste of the traditional Bulgarian Lukanka Panagyurska Salami! This salami is produced with the freshest and most authentic ingredients made with traditional methods. Learn more about what makes Bulgarian Lukanka Panagyurska Salami so special, the ingredients used to make it, and where you can find this exquisite delicacy.

What is Bulgarian Lukanka Panagyurska Salami?

Lukanka Panagyurska Salami is a traditional Bulgarian dry cured salami made with special ingredients to achieve its unique flavor. It is a combination of pork, beef, and spices that are aged and air dried for several weeks to produce a salami that is unlike any other. This type of salami originated in Bulgaria and is usually made from the local pigs that are raised in the area, giving it the distinct flavor and texture.

Bulgarian Lukanka Panagyurska Salami

The distinct flavor of Lukanka Panagyurska Salami comes from the variety of herbs and spices that are used, such as cumin, black pepper, and salt. The salami is then air dried for several weeks, giving it a robust flavor that is unlike any other type of salami. The final product is a firm, but light and dry salami, with a flavor that is truly unique.

Lukanka Panagyurska Salami is typically served as an appetizer or snack in Bulgaria, but it has become increasingly popular in other parts of the world. The unique flavor of this salami makes it a great addition to any meal. It can be sliced thin and served with a variety of cheeses and crackers for a light snack. It is also a great addition to sandwiches, salads, and other dishes, as it has a subtle, yet robust flavor.

If you are looking for a new type of salami to add to your pantry, Lukanka Panagyurska Salami is a must-try. This unique traditional Bulgarian salami is sure to delight and provide a taste of history with each bite. Try it today and experience the unique flavor of Lukanka Panagyurska Salami!

What makes Bulgarian Lukanka Panagyurska Salami Unique?

If you have been looking for an authentic, flavorful salami, look no further than the Bulgarian Lukanka Panagyurska Salami! This unique salami is renowned for its unique flavor and is made with only the finest ingredients and traditional preparation methods.

Authentic Ingredients

When it comes to Bulgarian Lukanka Panagyurska Salami, there’s no mistaking its unique flavor! This traditional Bulgarian salami is made with a few simple, natural ingredients that make it unlike any other salami in the world.

The recipe for Bulgarian Lukanka Panagyurska Salami starts with a base of pork and beef. This mixture is marinated in a proprietary blend of spiced additives and herbs that include Salt, Black Pepper, and Cumin. These ingredients combine to produce an unforgettable flavor that is both rich and spicy.

In addition, the marinade adds unique aromas of fresh herbs and spices. These scents bring the flavors of Bulgaria to life in each bite.

To complete the recipe, the pork and beef combination is cured with a combination of salts and spices before being tightly packed and hand-tied. This salami is then left to mature for at least two weeks, during which time the flavors intensify and develop further complexity.

The result is a salami that has a unique taste, texture and aroma that can be found nowhere else. With its savory flavor, you won’t find a better salami experience than that of the Bulgarian Lukanka Panagyurska Salami!

Traditional Preparation Process

Bulgarian Lukanka Panagyurska Salami is a unique delicacy enjoyed around the world for its unequaled flavor and texture. The traditional preparation process is time consuming and complex, but the result is worth the effort. It starts with carefully selecting only the highest quality pork and beef available. The meats are then mixed with spices, salt, and other flavorings before they are minced and mixed together with a special sour milk which provides desired texture and flavor. The mixture is then stuffed into natural casings and hung to be dried in a well-ventilated area with special herbs that create a specific aroma.

The drying process can last anywhere from six to eight weeks, depending on the desired texture and consistency. During this time the salami “breathes” and develops a unique flavor and aroma that has been perfected over centuries of trial and error. Throughout the process, the salami is monitored to ensure that it is not over-dried or becomes too sweet.

When the salami is finally done drying, it is further smoked for an additional attachment layer of complexity. The smoke process is also an art form, as each producer has his own unique blend of wood and smoking techniques. After the salami is fully smoked, it is then vacuum sealed and shipped to its final destination.

The final result is a truly unique and delicious product that is enjoyed around the world and has become a popular delicacy. Bulgarian Lukanka Panagyurska Salami is a product of hundreds of years of careful craftsmanship, and the tradition of the preparation process will live on for many more generations.

Authentic Bulgarian Lukanka Panagyurska Salami

Lukanka Panagyurska Recipe

Prep Time 3 days 15 minutes
Drying 60 days
Total Time 63 days 15 minutes


  • 4 kg lean pork
  • 2 kg pork fat
  • 3 kg beef
  • 1 kg hard salo
  • 250  g salt
  • 30 g sugar
  • 40 g black pepper
  • 30 g cumin


  • Meat is cut into small pieces at 100-150 g each, which are then salted and placed in a covered container in a room for 24 hours so that the salt can bind to the water. The meat is placed on an angled surface in order to drain its fluid.
  • Drained meat grinder to grind with a sharp knife so as not to crease. Beef spread on it placed both types of pork and then diced salo. The mixture is then dusted with salt, black pepper, sugar and spices. Then knead thoroughly for a few minutes and leave it to mature and and get flavored in a cool room for 3 days. 
  • After the intestines have been cut into pieces, they are then soaked in cold water. Next, they are filled with a stuffing, taking care not to allow any air into the envelope. Once filled, the pieces are tied tight and made into twine hooks.
  • Then the pieces are riddled with needle to remove air fall into the shell, strung on sticks at a distance of 10 cm from each other and hang in a ventilated place to dry. Place them to dry in a room with relative humidity of 75% for 30 to 60 days at 10-12°C. Several times (every other day) rolled the sausages with a wooden rolling pin to drive off the air and give them flat.
  • After repeatedly pressing sausages placed in produlzhenie 24 hours between 2 boards and weight again and hang to dry. The compression is done 3-4 times at intervals of 5-6 days each time the weight is increased. Best time to prepare home lukanka is late autumn and early winter. 
  • Keep your lukanka salami in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place. Store them away from sunlight, and in a cupboard or drawer. If possible, keep them wrapped in paper or arranged in a spice box with sifted wood ashes.
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: Bulgarian

Where to Find Authentic Bulgarian Lukanka Panagyurska Salami?

Bulgarian Lukanka Panagyurska Salami is a traditional and distinctive salami that is found across Bulgaria. It is a very popular cured meat product that is made with a combination of minced pork, beef, fat, and various spices, and is often served as an appetizer with a side of bread. While this specialty salami is often only found in Bulgaria, there are some international retailers that offer authentic Bulgarian Lukanka Panagyurska Salami online.

If you’re looking for an authentic Bulgarian Lukanka Panagyurska Salami experience, then you can find them in specialty grocery stores across Bulgaria. Many of these stores will offer a variety of different salami types, so you can find different flavor profiles as well. You can also find them in many supermarkets, where they are usually sold in packages of pre-sliced salami.

Outside of Bulgaria, you can also find Bulgarian Lukanka Panagyurska Salami online. Several international retailers offer the salami, so you can get it shipped right to your door. When shopping online, make sure you’re buying from a trusted source to get the highest quality salami. Additionally, make sure to read customer reviews before making a purchase to ensure you’re getting a product that’s up to your standards.

When purchasing an authentic Bulgarian Lukanka Panagyurska Salami, make sure to keep it in a cool, dry place and use it within a few days of opening. This type of salami is incredibly flavorful and goes great with a variety of sides, including cheese, olives, and pickles.

If you’re looking for an authentic Bulgarian Lukanka Panagyurska Salami experience, you have a variety of options, from specialty stores in Bulgaria to online retailers. With a bit of research and care in selecting the right salami, you can bring the flavors of Bulgaria right to your home.

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In conclusion, Lukanka Panagyurska Salami is an amazing Bulgarian delicacy that is a must-try for anyone who wants to experience traditional Bulgarian flavors. The salami is made with top-quality ingredients and a traditional preparation process, and the result is a flavorful and unique dish that is sure to please. It can be found at specialty stores and online, so it’s easy to find and enjoy. So, for a truly authentic Bulgarian experience, try Lukanka Panagyurska Salami today!

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