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Beef Cabbage rolls Dolma Dolmades Non-Alcoholic Pork Sarma Spread Stovetop Vegan Vegetarian grape leaves
Allspice Bay leafs Brine from sauerkraut Bulgarian Mountain Tea Sideritis Scardica Mursalski Tea Bulgarian cheese Bulgarian plain yogurt Bulgarian sirene or feta cheese Bulgarian white cheese Bulgarian white cheese or yellow cheese Bulgarian yogurt Sour cabbage Sudzhuk (raw-dried Bulgarian sausage) all purpose flour all-spice bacon baked bell pepper baking soda beans  beef black peppe black pepper black pepper to taste boiled egg bread crumbs bunch of parsley bunch radishes bunch dill butter cabbage juice  cabbage leaves can tomato sauce canned corn carrot carrots celery chili pepper clove garlic cloves garlic cloves garlic or fresh green garlic cloves of garlic coriander cucumber  cumin dill dill or parsley dried mint dried paprikas dried white Haricot beans or dry Lima beans egg egg yolks eggplant eggs extra virgin olive oil fermented cabbage heads flour fresh black pepper fresh dill fresh mint fresh parsley fresh vine leaves garlic garlic cloves garlic cloves (optional) glove garlic grape leaves green bell pepper green lettuce green onions ground beef ground black pepper ground black pepper to taste ground meat ground pepper ground pork ham hard boiled egg hard salo hard-boiled eggs head cabbage honey hot paprika powder lamb lard large cloves of garlic large cloves garlic large cucumber large garlic clove large garlic cloves leaks lean pork lemon lemon juice lemons long cucumbers long-grain rice lutenica  marinated or sautéed mushrooms medium size cucumber medium tomatoes medium yellow onion minced meat minced pork mint mint leaves oil oil or butter olive olive oil olives onion onion (optional) onions pack of Phyllo dough sheets paprika parsley peppers pickles pig liver pine nuts plain yogurt plum pork pork fat pork slim pork tripe red bell pepper red bell peppers red onion  red or green pepper red wine vinegar rice rise roasted red bell pepper salt salt and pepper to taste salt to taste sauerkraut leaves of 1 cabbage savory sea salt small onions small tomatoes smoked bacon spring onions sugar sumac sun dried tomatoes sunflower oil sweet corn kernels sweet paprika sweet paprika powder thyme tomato tomato paste tomato sauce tomatoes uncooked long-grain rice vegetable broth vegetable oil vinegar walnuts water white onion white rice whole sour cabbage head yellow cheese yellow onion yogurt
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